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How to Use Tiles to Make Your Walls Pop!

People often overlook the many amazing ways ceramic tiles can be organized to achieve countless effects. The main focus of this article will be listing some ideas you can implement to give your flat walls an impressive 3D effect. We will go in depth as to how we can achieve this by adjusting the shapes, shading, and patterns of the tiles we work with.

  1. Geometry for You and Me!

Creating 3D tile effects is as simple as sticking to repetitive patterns that rely on straight, organized geometric figures. This technique works well especially in smaller spaces, and can be enhanced with proper lighting.

Geometric figures
  1. Yin and Yang

Taking a few tricks from the world of photography, a good balance between light and dark can make all the difference between a plain 2D wall and a 3D masterpiece. The strongest (and often most aesthetically pleasing) contrast is the one between black and white. It is good to note that colors such as red and green or yellow and purple also create strong contrasts, but are more difficult to incorporate into a design due to their vibrance.

  1. Keep it Classic

While it may be exciting to play with modern geometric shapes to create a variety of effects, combining well-established architectural features with various tiles can make for an interesting blend between old and new. Utilizing features such as circles, convex grooves, and rounded edges/corners will bring together an entire room with a splash of tradition!

  1. Brick and Concrete Make it Neat!

Exposed brick and concrete used to be a symbol of an unfinished home, but is now rising in popularity with interior designers all over the United States. Bricks come in a range of unique colors that really add a special element to any interior. Their uniform structure and recognizable pattern provides a sense of stability and order that makes every home feel safer and cozier. The best part about using brick is that it fits with both rustic chalets and modern studio apartments. Moving on, exposed concrete, while not as often seen as exposed brick, still provides a similar sense of security when done right. The important thing to focus on when using exposed foundational features is the lighting in the room. Natural light is always the best, but experimenting with artificial lights can make any room look and feel a lot more dynamic.         

In Conclusion…

Structure is one of the most important and expressive aspects of interior design when done properly. Being able to organize both geometric and organic shapes will create so many amazing effects that will turn any interior into a visual masterpiece. Also focusing on playing with ceramic tiles, contrasts, and classic structure techniques will add variety to whatever room you wish to decorate. Furthermore, sometimes less is more, especially when it comes to using exposed brick as another method to making any room pop. At the end of the day, a blank interior is a canvas ready to be painted on by you, the artist!

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