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Guest Bathroom Ideas for Convenience and Efficiency

When it comes to guest bathroom ideas, it’s all about creating a welcoming environment that ensures your visitors feel comfortable and at ease. Whether you have a spacious guest suite or a compact powder room, the key lies in optimizing the space to prioritize convenience, functionality, and efficiency. Welcome to a world where practicality meets […]


The bathroom as a private spa: handmade bathtubs

In today’s fast-paced world where stress and busy schedules dominate our lives, finding a sanctuary of peace and relaxation has become increasingly important. While a visit to a luxury spa may seem like the perfect solution, the hassle of booking appointments and costs can often put us off. However, there is a way to create […]


A Recipe for Success: Kitchen Remodeling

When it comes to transforming your kitchen into a space that truly reflects your style and enhances functionality, the right ingredients can make all the difference. With Kitchen Remodeling Services in Chicago, led by the experts at Majestic Tiles LMP INC., you can embark on a culinary adventure that will leave you with a kitchen […]

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Get the Bathroom of Your Dreams with Our Remodeling Services

When it comes to a bathroom remodel, there are many factors to consider. From bathroom design to bathroom tiles, bathroom flooring to shower installation, bathtub installation to vanity installation, and tile backsplash to bathroom lighting, there are endless possibilities. And with the vast array of options, it can be overwhelming to decide where to start. […]


Elegance Of Porcelain Pavers

Designed with a European contemporary style, porcelain architectural slabs are suitable for both commercial and residential designs in areas such as pedestrian walkways, patios, poolsides, and outdoor living areas. Majestic Tiles LMP Inc. Offers Porcelain Pavers To Help Give Your Project The Modern Look. Imported directly from Italy, porcelain architectural slabs elevate outdoor living atmospheres […]


Tiles For Underfloor Heating

There are many different ways to heat your home – a heat pump, a central warm air furnace, heating stove, fireplace or an underfloor heating can all be a direct source of heat. Each choice has certain advantages and disadvantages. For example, radiators can take up quite a bit of space in a small interior, […]


The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Ceramic Tile

Dust, dirt and limescale settle on ceramic tiles, and mold is eager to develop in joints when exposed to moisture. How to deal with these types of impurities? Read on to find out about methods of cleaning ceramic tiles. Kitchen and bathroom porcelain tiles covering walls and floors are exposed to a wide array of contaminants […]

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Wood-like Floor Tiles & Wall Tiles You’ll Love in 2020

Currently, wood-like tiles are a huge hit in interior design. European brands meet the growing expectations of architects and all lovers of stylish interiors, so ceramics imitating wood appear in their latest collections, breaking popularity records. Tiles imitating natural wood are a new trend in tile design. They resemble wooden panels, but are more resistant […]

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What You Need to Know Before Hiring Anyone to Install New Tile Floors and Walls

Even the best architectural and interior design will not ensure that a renovated space will look stylish and exquisite. This applies in particular to such rooms as bathrooms and kitchens, where large areas are covered with floor and wall tiles. However European ceramic tiles are more and more often chosen as a finishing and a […]


Tips For Decorating A Child’s Bathroom

When a new child comes into a home, a major house makeover may be inevitable. Every parent knows that both the youngest children and those who are a little older need spaces specially adapted to their needs. Parents more and more often are opting for a separate bathroom for their little ones, and it is […]