porcelain paver remodeling patio

See What Our Client Had to Say: Porcelain Paver Patio

Thinking about a porcelain paver patio?In the realm of homeownership, there exists an aspiration shared by many—the creation of a captivating outdoor sitting area. This is the story of Tom, a homeowner with an extraordinary vision. His goal? To turn a mundane backyard patio into something special. Through a remarkable transformation- courtesy of Majestic Tiles, […]

tile installation tips DIY

Installation Made Easy: Top Tile Installation Tips

Welcome to the world of tile installation, where precision, creativity, and skill come together to transform spaces. Tiles are more than just practical flooring or wall coverings; they’re a form of art that can elevate the aesthetic of your home. This post is your guide to mastering the art of tile installation. Preparing Your Space […]

Interior of a real laundry room with a washing machine at home

3 Ideas for Laundry Room Tiles: The Impact of Beautiful Tiles

In the realm of home improvement, the laundry room often takes a back seat to more frequented areas like the kitchen or the living room. However, this humble spot plays a crucial role in our daily routines, and it deserves the attention and care that any other part of our home receives. Majestic Tiles, a […]

european tiles in modern bedroom

The Top 5 Benefits of Porcelain Pavers

Are you dreaming of the perfect indoor or outdoor flooring? Look no further than porcelain pavers by Majestic Tiles! These incredible pavers offer a world of benefits that will make your home truly shine. Let’s dive into the top five reasons why porcelain pavers are stealing the spotlight. Majestic Tiles is a company with a wide range […]


The Charm of European Tiles in Modern Homes

Hello there, fellow homeowners and interior enthusiasts! Ever thought about adding a classic touch to your modern haven? Well, hold onto your excitement because we’ve got something amazing to introduce you to – the captivating world of European tiles. These tiles have a special knack for bringing the elegance of old-world craftsmanship right into the […]

kitchen floor tile ideas

Kitchen Floor Tile Ideas for Every Taste

Step into the world of captivating kitchen flooring with Majestic Tiles, where a stunning array of styles awaits to elevate your space. From the richness of wood and the urban charm of concrete to the versatility of vinyl and the luxury of marble, complemented by the grandeur of large format tiles, your kitchen will come […]

guest bathroom ideas minimalistic bathroom with wooden vanity

Guest Bathroom Ideas for Convenience and Efficiency

When it comes to guest bathroom ideas, it’s all about creating a welcoming environment that ensures your visitors feel comfortable and at ease. Whether you have a spacious guest suite or a compact powder room, the key lies in optimizing the space to prioritize convenience, functionality, and efficiency. Welcome to a world where practicality meets […]

Basement Remodeling by Majestic Tiles

Remodel Your Basement

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey of transforming your basement into an extraordinary space that will take your home to a new level? Get ready to unlock the hidden potential of this often-neglected area and create a functional and inviting extension to your living environment. When you plan full house remodeling, don’t […]


The bathroom as a private spa: handmade bathtubs

In today’s fast-paced world where stress and busy schedules dominate our lives, finding a sanctuary of peace and relaxation has become increasingly important. While a visit to a luxury spa may seem like the perfect solution, the hassle of booking appointments and costs can often put us off. However, there is a way to create […]