Heated Floor


Infloor heating adds an element of warmth and luxury to any room in your home, and with Majestic Tiles LMP INC., bringing this luxury home has never been easier. We offer you one of the easiest and fastest to install in-floor heating solutions you’ll find. With Majestic heated floor products, you’re not only adding warmth to your home, but you’re also getting exceptional value for your investment.

Offered heating systems can accommodate virtually any floor finish, and you can choose from a range of sizes and layout options, making it an ideal addition to any room in your home. The heating system is super efficient compared to other systems, with optimum floor temperature achieved quickly with minimal heat loss.



From concept to design and solution, our vision is to provide an inspiring range of infloor heating products and bring this affordable luxury into the range of every home in North America. At the cutting edge of design, we are driven by our company mission “enriching lives through comfort, luxury and design”. Each of our products has been created for a specific look and feel to suit the needs of homeowners, architects and interior designers who appreciate sophisticationand substance.

Experience the wonderful feeling of warmth beneath your feet.