• What You Need to Know Before Hiring Anyone to Install New Tile Floors and Walls
    Published: Sep 12.2020

    Even the best architectural and interior design will not ensure that a renovated space will look stylish and exquisite. This applies in particular to such rooms as bathrooms and kitchens, where large areas are covered with floor and wall tiles. However European ceramic tiles are more and more often chosen as a finishing and a decorative element in other types of rooms as well – living rooms, hallways, as well as for outdoor use – as flooring on porches, decks, and balconies.

  • Tips For Decorating A Child’s Bathroom
    Published: Aug 01.2020

    When a new child comes into a home, a major house makeover may be inevitable. Every parent knows that both the youngest children and those who are a little older need spaces specially adapted to their needs. Parents more and more often are opting for a separate bathroom for their little ones, and it is a good idea – if such a possibility is viable. However, this concept is definitely more expensive and can only be done in a home with more than one bathroom. Families that own apartments or houses with one bathroom must adapt the space to two generations. How to reasonably approach a kid-friendly bathroom remodel? Here are some tips from Majestic Tiles’ designers.

  • How to arrange a bathroom for a disabled person?
    Published: Jul 06.2020

    Designing and making a bathroom for people with physical disabilities is not an easy task and certainly requires knowledge of safety requirements. A bathroom designed for people with disabilities must enable them to easily meet their physiological or hygienic needs. The bathroom must be adapted so that a disabled person can, if possible, use it independently without the help of other people. Regardless of whether the same design principles apply in private apartments occupied by people with disabilities or in public bathrooms. The bathroom must be safe, clean, nice, and comfortable. But also the availability of equipment in such a bathroom is the highest priority. Below you will find tips on what to look for when arranging a bathroom for the disabled.

  • Porcelain Pavers Chicago
    Published: May 31.2020

    Porcelain pavers - a well-kept terrace, a beautiful garden, an original driveway, and a nice area around our pool

  • 5 Proven Tips To Arranging A Bedroom In The Attic
    Published: Feb 20.2020

    5 Proven Tips To Arranging A Bedroom In The Attic


    Most homeowners have imagined what it is like to have an attic bedroom. The most significant step to making this imagination a reality is to understand how to arrange the bedroom to achieve a visually satisfying and comfortable interior.

    If you are unsure of how and where to start, we got you! Below are some tips to get started.

  • Some Important Advice When Working with Small and Large Tiles
    Published: Jan 28.2020

    Ceramic tiles come in a large variety of shapes and sizes, but it can be difficult deciding when it is best to use large or small tiles. This article will help you arrange these tiles into a number of aesthetically pleasing effects that can complement a room or hide any shortcomings with the room’s design. 

  • Why You Should (Not) Consider Radiant Floor Heating
    Published: Dec 20.2019

    Join us as we take a look at the pros and cons of radiant floor heating.

  • How to Choose the Best Kitchen Floor Tile- the second part of the article
    Published: Nov 21.2019

    What else should we pay attention to if we want to choose the best floor tiles for the kitchen?