• Thinking about buying ceramic tiles? 10 facts
    Published: Oct 18.2019

    Thinking about buying ceramic tiles?

    Here are 10 facts you should know before the purchase


    The floor of any room arranged by ceramic tiles will look wonderful. It is recommended to tile high traffic areas, i.e. bathroom, kitchen, corridor or living room. Ceramic tiles can be used as a kitchen or bathroom decoration if you tile up them on the wall. However, it does not matter which tiles we choose for a specific place and what parameters they will have. Below there are 10 facts about choosing the right type of tiles and their characteristic parameter. The first three relate to the ceramic tiles for walls and the next seven refer to ceramic tiles for floors.


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    Durability is one of the impressive features of porcelain tiles. Not only that, but you will also find porcelain tiles to be moisture and damage resistant.

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    Published: May 16.2019

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