The Charm of European Tiles in Modern Homes

Hello there, fellow homeowners and interior enthusiasts! Ever thought about adding a classic touch to your modern haven? Well, hold onto your excitement because we’ve got something amazing to introduce you to – the captivating world of European tiles. These tiles have a special knack for bringing the elegance of old-world craftsmanship right into the […]

kitchen floor tile ideas

Kitchen Floor Tile Ideas for Every Taste

Step into the world of captivating kitchen flooring with Majestic Tiles, where a stunning array of styles awaits to elevate your space. From the richness of wood and the urban charm of concrete to the versatility of vinyl and the luxury of marble, complemented by the grandeur of large format tiles, your kitchen will come […]


Which tiles to choose for the bathroom?

Choosing the right tiles for the bathroom is a matter of not only their shape and color, but also texture and durability. You have to remember that a bathroom is a place with very high humidity. You often walk on the floor with bare and wet feet, which makes it very easy to get involved […]


How to Choose Tiles for a Small Bathroom?

Small bathrooms are common especially in apartment buildings and condominiums. And it is worth knowing that properly selected tiles can visually expand that space to make it look bigger and airier. What tiles should be used in a small bathroom to make it seem more spacious? The space of a small bathroom can be optically […]