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Can ceramic tiles be impregnated? We answer the most common questions and clarify doubts

Durability is one of the impressive features of porcelain tiles. Not only that, but you will also find porcelain tiles to be moisture and damage resistant. With that said, to get the best out of your porcelain tiles, you need to follow the manufacturers’ instructions and recommendations most especially when it comes to the process of impregnation. The ideal stage to do this is when selecting a porcelain collection, factoring the cost of impregnation and potential renewal treatments.


When it comes to impregnation of tiles, it should only be done when the manufacturer recommends it.

This is a rule of thumb that should be followed explicitly.

Take, for example, Majestic Tiles in Chicago don’t need any extra protection with any impregnation. Well, the reason for that is simple: our unique porcelain tiles are protected against a host of factors like UV rays, chemical effects, and so on during the production process. All of these ensures there are no damages to essential parts of the porcelain tile. Mind you, when choosing porcelain tiles, you must consider certain factors like; foot traffic, area/room it will be used, exposure to moisture, and more. These factors play a crucial role in determining the durability of the cladding of the tile.

why do Majestic Tiles in Chicago not recommend their impregnation as tile manufacturer

The right porcelain tile in Chicago will not only serve you well for a lengthy period; it will also retain its visual appeal as well.

So, the burning question is, why do Majestic Tiles in Chicago not recommend their impregnation as tile manufacturer? Well, the answer rests in the cladding. You see, impregnants alter the essential parameters of the cladding. Impregnants tend to produce another layer on the outer surface of the tile, thereby affecting the visual appeal and other parameters of the tile. In situations were the impregnation is placed in areas of heavy foot traffic, as time goes on there will be visible deterioration of the cladding.

Also, impregnation leads to an increase in the likelihood of spotting. All impregnants are chemicals whose final reactions are unpredictable, most notably when they are exposed to different substances and elements. It is because of this; it is vital to adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendation when making an impregnation decision.

Choose the right tile instead of relying on impregnation

Impregnation is simply the process of applying a protective layer on your porcelain tiles. The process aims to protect the cladding from various factors. Impregnation is a very delicate procedure, and as earlier mentioned, it shouldn’t be carried out unless the manufacturer recommends it. Failure to adhere to the above not only puts your tile at risk, but it also voids your warranty, as any ill-advised impregnation has the potential to damage your porcelain tile.




Taking all into account, it is much preferable, to make a knowledgeable decision when purchasing a porcelain tile flooring Chicago. Before getting your hands on unique tiles in Chicago from your typical Chicago tile store, consider the aesthetics of tile, durability, and also the functionality. You also need to consider the area of usage of the tile. Some porcelain tiles work best in heavy traffic areas like schools, hospitals, hotels, and so on, while others work best in areas with little to moderate foot traffic like private bathrooms, and so on.

If you are looking for Chicago European tiles in Chicago, or other variety of tiles, ensure you choose the ones that meet your specifications and most importantly do not need any form of impregnation.

 Preparing and utilizing tiles

Proper installation and maintenance of tiles will go a long way in ensuring the tile serves you for years to come. Also, it is also important to buy the right kind of porcelain tiles. A quality product from a trusted brand means you will most likely get a highly durable and functioning tile.

Another vital point, along with selecting the right product, is selecting the right professional assembly team. It is essential you get professional, and experienced hands that will carry out the proper preparation of the substrate, choose the right preparations for priming, gluing and grouting, and also carry out the cutting of the tiles.

Remember to ask the tile manufacturer on how to clean the tiles, and what cleaning product to utilize so as not to damage the surface of the tile. Also, remember that tiles used in outdoor areas require special attention and care as compared to those indoor areas, as they are more exposed to the elements most especially during winter, and autumn. Do not forget to carry out seasonal inspections of the tiles as well.

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Final thoughts

Impregnation of tiles should only be done when the manufacturer explicitly recommends it. Although impregnants acts as protective layers, their chemical composition is unknown most of the time, and this means there is a strong tendency that they can react negatively with certain factors, thereby affecting the aesthetics of the tile.

At Majestic Tiles in Chicago, we do not recommend you impregnate any of our porcelain tiles. You can find various collection of tiles that meet, your visual, durability, and functionality requirements without resulting in impregnation. Some of the best ceramic tile stores in Chicago, we pride ourselves we giving the best to our customers.

Using professionals with the right experience to install an authentic brand of tile will guarantee you a lengthy service, the longevity of cladding, and retention of visual appeal and function.