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As an authorized distributor of free-standing bathtubs and washbasins from Ravon Manofactory,
we offer our customers modern bathroom fittings with high aesthetic values.

Each of our bathtubs or washbasins is a work of human hands, there is no place for automated mass production.

Materials used by Ravon require careful and manual handcrafting, otherwise they would not be as strong, yet subtle and refined.

We offer an extensive selection of free-standing bathtubs, each one crafted to suit the individual tastes and preferences of our customers.

Our range includes oval bathtubs and washbasins, rectangular, round bathtubs in a variety of sizes ranging, and colours.

We recommend our hand-painted bathtubs and washbasins, a limited series of free-standing bathtubs manufactured to your individual specifications. At Majestic Tiles you can buy handcrafted freestanding bathtubs

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Advantages of manual production:

  • Durability guaranteed,
  • Crack resistance,
  • Chip resistant,
  • Protection against easy scratching,
  • Smooth structure protection,
  • Color and gloss protection,
  • Quality control of each product


What are your options?

  • An exceptionally relaxing pearl (air) massage,
  • An intense water-jet massage,
  • A combination of both.

Additional features:

  • Ultrasonic sound waves,
  • Chromotherapy (color therapy),
  • Programmable settings (water temperature and duration),
  • Headrest,
  • Sensors (to prevent damage caused by drying the tub),
  • Air heaters,
  • Disinfection system (using ozone or UV),
  • Drying system.